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Meriwool is an outdoor clothing manufacturer headquartered in Pomona, California. They strive to make clothing for camping, backpacking, and any other outdoor adventure, all at a relatively affordable price.

Disclaimer: To maintain genuineness and authenticity, Merino Wool Gear DOES NOT sponsor products. Yet as an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Mission Statement

Meriwool does not have an all-encompassing mission statement. But, they do follow three design guidelines with their apparel: comfort, performance, and affordability.

They want you to explore the outdoors and embark on life’s adventures, all without breaking the bank.

Brief History

There is not much information available on the origin of Meriwool. They have mentioned that they are a group of friends who combined their love for the outdoors with their passion for helping others. This led them to form Meriwool over a decade ago. Since the beginning of 2018, their website has been live, and their social media since early 2019.


Unlike many other Merino wool companies, it seems that Meriwool focuses strictly on next-to-skin, outdoor clothing for layering (hence their website They offer base layers of different fabric weights, t-shirts, hoodies, underwear, socks, hats, and more. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, then Meriwool has apparel for you.

What We Like

We’d have to say that the top reason we love Meriwool is that they have an excellent price point on their clothing, without sacrificing quality. Their affordable garments stem from their mission to keep you warm and comfortable in the outdoors without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at some of their base layer prices as compared with Merino wool industry standards to illustrate their commitment to affordability:

Long Sleeve Base Layer Weight (GSM)Meriwool Price ($)Merino Industry Avg. ($)
180$44.99$60 – $90
250$59.99$ 70 – $100
400$84.99$100 – $150
Note: All prices were gathered in December 2020 and are subject to change based on season and availability.
Meriwool Price Vs Fabric Weight

As you can see, Meriwool’s pricing is more affordable than the industry average. Also, you can tell that they price their clothing correctly as the trend line between fabric weight and price is nearly linear. Therefore, you know that you are always paying the proper rate for the corresponding fabric thickness.

Another thing we love about Meriwool is that they heavily focus on the layering benefits of Merino wool. Their entire logo is supposed to represent the three central fabric thicknesses of the layers that they offer.

Meriwool Cozy Rewards Program

Finally, we love Meriwool’s Cozy Rewards Program. It’s like any other rewards program, but their points system is tremendous. Every 10 points you amass is equivalent to $1 credit on their site. You get one point for every dollar you spend (that number goes up every 500 points), which comes out to an eventual 10% discount. But, there are also more ways to earn points to save more on future purchases. Here are just a few:

  • Sign Up – 15 points
  • Share on Facebook – 15 Points
  • Like on Facebook – 15 Points
  • Follow on Instagram – 30 Points
  • Celebrate a Birthday – 50 Points

That’s over $12 in savings without ever making a single purchase! Make sure to sign-up for Meriwool’s Cozy rewards program here.

What We Don’t Like

As with any company we review, we must look at areas for improvement. These are not necessarily significant issues but aspects worth looking into as an informed buyer. For Meriwool, we have identified three areas for improvement: product range, overall fit, and transparency.

Let us preface this by saying that Meriwool is still a young company, so we don’t expect them to have a wide selection of products. That being said, it seems that most of their products function as only outdoor base layers. They have recently added sweatshirts and polos to their collection, yet we would love to Meriwool create more unique products. Products like button-up shirts, tank-tops, dresses, and joggers come to mind. All in due time, we guess.

The second area for improvement is the overall fit of their clothing, especially their t-shirts for men. While they are comfortable, they are a bit more “boxy” than what we would like. Perhaps a more tapered cut would be more fitting. It may not matter what we look like out on the trail, but a more athletic cut may prove to be more versatile for everyday wear.

Finally, our last area for improvement that we’ve noticed is the lack of transparency in their garment manufacturing process. At Merino Wool Gear, we are big on understanding Merino from farm to fashion. Unfortunately, Meriwool does not provide a lot of relevant information on their practices. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, we think they could improve in this area.


As you may already know, Merino wool in itself is a sustainable material. The sheep eat grass, the farmers harvest the fleece, and you wear it. You can even use it as fertilizer (really) to biodegrade into the soil providing proper nutrients for plant growth. Hence, the process starts all over again.

Although there is no obvious evidence of Meriwool’s sustainability efforts, it’s clear from their website and Instagram posts that they are fully committed to the environment. They also show a solid commitment to the outdoor community as a whole.


Meriwool does not have much information on their ethical sourcing or farming practices, but they focus on people’s ethics. They are committed to doing the right thing and often feature human interest stories on their site. For example, they have been a big proponent to fix the homelessness problem in Southern California. They have blogged about the importance of strong women hikers in the outdoors. Meriwool even featured a piece about a man who is attempting to battle cancer by long-distance hiking.

It’s clear that Meriwool focuses on people, but it’s not just these human interest stories that make us think that. They have taken their affordability promise to the next level by creating a dream board. They genuinely understand that financial hardships often hinder people’s dreams. This is why they offer a form on their website for people to submit their outdoor passions in hopes of being funded. We love that this is entirely on-brand with Meriwool’s goals of creating comfortable, functional, and affordable outdoor gear.

On top of all that, Meriwool has shown a firm commitment to improving mental illness. They want you to be able to fully enjoy the outdoors without the burden of poor emotional health weighing you down. Remember that there is always someone to talk to if you are experiencing any mental health issues.


All of Meriowool’s Merino claims to be sourced directly from Australia. Most of their clothing uses a superfine 18.5-micron fiber, on the softer side of most performance apparel.


Top Sellers – Men

Top Sellers – Women

How Do I Find Deals on Meriwool Clothing?

Meriwool already has an excellent price point on their clothing, as it retails from 60-80% of many of its competitors. If you are looking for the best deals on their clothing, they have a sale page on their website. Fair warning, as of December 2020, there are no products listed on the sales page.

They offer 20% off your first purchase on their website if you subscribe to their newsletter. Also, you can find discounts on Amazon throughout the year and even an occasional giveaway on Instagram.

Sizing Charts


Meriwool Men’s Tops Sizing Guide

SizeChest (in.)
Small35 – 38
Medium39 – 41
Large42 – 45
X-Large46 – 48
XX-Large49 – 52

Meriwool Men’s Bottoms Sizing Guide

SizeWaist (in.)Inseam (in.)
Small28 – 3028 – 30
Medium31 – 3329 – 32
Large34 – 3632 – 34
X-Large37 – 4032 – 35
XX-Large41 – 4434 – 35

Meriwool Men’s Briefs Sizing Guide

SizeWaist (in.)Inseam (in.)
Small28 – 3016.25
Medium31 -3316.75
Large34 – 3618
X-Large37 – 4018.5
XX-Large41 – 4419.25

Meriwool Men’s Regular Socks Sizing Guide

SizeMen’s US Shoe Size
Small5 – 8
Medium8.5 – 11.5
Large12 – 15

Meriwool Men’s Crew Socks Sizing Guide

SizeMen’s US Shoe Size
Small – Medium5 – 9.5
Large9.5 – 12
X-Large12.5 – 15

Meriwool Gloves Sizing Guide

SizeHand Size (in.)
Small6 – 6.5
Medium7 – 7.5
Large8 – 8.5
X-Large9 – 9.5


Meriwool Women’s Tops Sizing Guide

SizeUS SizeChest (in.)
X-Small232 – 33
Small4 – 634 – 35
Medium8 – 1036 – 38
Large12 – 1439 – 41
X-Large16 – 1842

Meriwool Women’s Bottoms Sizing Guide

SizeUS SizeWaist (in.)Hips (in.)Inseam (in.)
X-Small224 – 2534 – 3526 – 29
Small4 – 626 – 2736 – 3728 – 30
Medium8 – 1028 – 3038 – 4029 – 31
Large12 – 1431 – 3340 – 4230 – 32
X-Large16 – 1833 – 3543 – 4430 – 32

Meriwool Women’s Regular Socks Sizing Guide

SizeWomen’s US Shoe Size
Small5.5 – 8.5
Medium9 – 12
Large12.5 – 15.5

Meriwool Women’s Crew Socks Sizing Guide

SizeWomen’s US Shoe Size
Small – Medium6 – 10.5
Large11 – 13
X-Large13.5 – 15.5

Meriwool Gloves Sizing Guide

SizeHand Size (in.)
Small6 – 6.5
Medium7 – 7.5
Large8 – 8.5
X-Large9 – 9.5


Meriwool Kid’s Tops Sizing Guide

SizeAgeChest (in.)
X-Small4 – 612.2
Small7 – 813
Medium9 – 1014.2
Large11 – 1215.4
Chest measurement is half circumference

Meriwool Kid’s Bottoms Sizing Guide

SizeAgeWaist (in.)*Inseam (in.)
X-Small4 – 69.425.6
Small7 – 89.829.1
Medium9 – 1010.232.7
Large11 – 1210.636.2
*Waist measurement is half circumference

Meriwool Kid’s Socks Sizing Guide

X-SmallToddlers6 – 8.522 – 255 – 7.5
SmallLittle Kids9 – 11.526 – 288 – 10.5
MediumLittle Kids12 – 2.528 – 3211 – 13.5
LargeBig Kids3 – 633- 361 – 4.5


According to their site, Meriwool has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on most of their clothing, but you have to sign-up for it. Some of the included issues within the warranty are – but are not limited to – stitching problems, misshaping, fabric defects, imperfect seams, and more. The criteria that are not covered include excessive wear damage, sizing issues, inadequate care, custom alterations, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns about Meriwool’s warranty policy, make sure to consult the warranty page on their website.

Return Policy

According to the Meriwool site, you have up to 30 days from your purchase date to return your clothing. You have to fill out a form on their website that you should fill out and include with your return. Here are a summary of the steps that they layout:

  1. Submit a return request on Meriwool’s contact page. Include the name and number from the original order and the completed RMA form to obtain a shipping label.
  2. Confirm your product is in new condition with tags still attached, and ship it. Make sure to include the RMA form in the package.
  3. Once Meriwool obtains the box, they will confirm the return status via email, and if there are any issues, they will let you know.
  4. If you are exchanging for another item instead of a refund, they will communicate your exchange options via email.

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