We’re back with another Merino wool dress review! This time, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Unbound Merino Travel Dress.

I’m excited about this review because Unbound Merino has a best-in-class reputation in the men’s Merino clothing industry. However, it wasn’t until recently (May 2022) that they offered women’s clothing.

And girl, was it worth the wait. They now have a wide selection of women’s Merino wool travel clothing; we are all in for it!

If you have seen any previous Merino wool Gear reviews, you know we like to dive deeply into our analysis. I’ll provide you with my ‘Initial Thoughts‘ on the dress, wear in various situations for three days, and even test it out in the laundry! Ultimately, I’ll provide my honest opinion on what I liked and what I think could be improved.

And since this dress is so new, I’ll do my best to provide you with all the information I can. That way, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you should add it to your closet.

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Initial Thoughts

Opening the package from Unbound Merino was a joy for me. The dress was nicely wrapped in tissue paper labeled with an Unbound Merino sticker and placed in a slim carton box. So, if you want to give this dress as a gift, there’s no additional work!

Unbound Merino Travel Dress Packaging

When I first touched the dress, I noticed how light and soft the material felt. It’s thin yet durable, and I can tell the Merino wool is top-tier. Moreover, the seam construction is exceptional. All the seams look expertly stitched, and you can see a lot of craftsmanship in the design. The high-quality stitching and fabric give the impression that this dress will last long.

The style itself is straightforward and effortless. It’s simple but in the best way possible. The fit is loose and flowing, so it hides my body imperfections (which I absolutely love). The neckline is a shallow, modest cut that offers a casual yet elegant look. There is even an open seam on the leg which adds volume.

High Quality Seams in Green Merino Wool Dress

My initial concern with the dress design is the armhole depth. I have a petite frame (5’1″, athletic), so my bra peeks through the sides. It won’t necessarily look the same on you, but just something to think about. Moreover, I prefer not to wear a bra. I usually use silicone nipple covers instead. So, this “issue” is not really an issue for me.

Since this is a brand new product, only two colors are available: black and forest green (2023 Update: this dress is now available in three colors: black, caramel, and indigo) . I ordered the forest green, and I’m sure I made the right choice. The color is muted but rich. Moreover, the flowing fit creates deeper shades of green depending on the lighting.

I am delighted with how the dress feels and looks. I can’t wait to see how it holds up during the testing phase!

Features & Specifications

Merino Travel Dress Specification Infographic

Here’s the thing: this dress has no super special features, which is why I love it so much! It’s well-made, comfy, and stylish. That’s it. There’s no need for extra bells and whistles with a dress like this!

The only true feature to discuss is the material itself. Unbound Merino uses 18.5-micron Merino wool, which is why the material is so soft. Plus, they blended in small amounts of nylon and spandex to provide extra strength and stretch. Finally, the 180 gsm fabric is lightweight and breezy.

And because of the fabric weight, I’d classify this as a summer dress. It’s not my chicest dress, so I won’t wear it for high-end outings. However, it’s an excellent choice for a walk in a park, gardening, running errands, traveling, or even going to the beach.

Three-Day Wear Test

Initial impressions are one thing, but can the Unbound Merino Travel Dress hold up to the rigors of daily life?

That’s where the Three-Day Wear test comes in. I’ll chronicle how this dress is held up in various situations so you can better understand how it may fit into your closet.

So, let’s put this dress to the test.

Initial impressions are one thing, but can the Unbound Merino Travel Dress hold up to the rigors of daily life?
That’s where the Three-Day Wear test comes in. I’ll detail how this dress is held up in various situations – with some different outfits – so you can better understand how it may fit into your closet.
So, let’s put this dress to the test.

Day One

To start my test, I decided to try this dress while running errands around town. I paired it with simple white sneakers for a more casual look. At first, I thought it looked a little too ‘teenage-ish‘ for a mom. However, there is just a minimalistic elegance to this outfit that’s more mature than not. It’s not fancy, but it tells others, ‘ I take care of myself.

Women in a Green Wool Dress

Throughout the day, I barely noticed the dress. The cut is quite deep, but there wasn’t anything slipping out. Moreover, the side hem split made it easier to walk around. It was a lovely day overall, and there’s no doubt the dress contributed to that!

Day Two

After a successful day-one test, it’s time to spice this dress up a bit! I opted for the gold chain belt, which looked great and helped to showcase my curves. The slides were also a nice touch and fit the style of the dress well. Moreover, the unique side hem split of the dress brought the entire look together!

Woman in green dress and gold belt

I decided to head out for brunch on a sunny day. The dress worked out perfectly, allowing for plenty of airflow and ventilation. However, I started to sweat after the sun was directly overhead. It could be because I had just finished my third mimosa, too. Who knows?

Day Three

It was a little chilly during the last day of my testing, but nothing that this dress couldn’t handle! I wore one of my favorite leather jackets, high-top black sneakers, and a simple crossbody bag (which completed the look). I was comfortable in temperatures down to 50 °F (10 °C) for short periods. And while most of this warmth came from the jacket, I could feel how the Merino wool aided insulation. It’s just one of its many benefits!

Woman in black jacket and green dress

After three days of testing, this Unbound Merino Travel Dress passed with flying colors. It’s an excellent three-season dress that can be dressed down, up, or anywhere between. And the best part about it is that the dress doesn’t smell after three busy days!

And that is why I love Merino wool gear!

Laundry Test

Truthfully, this dress doesn’t even have to go into the laundry after three days of wear. I’ve just been laying it flat (it helps with wrinkles) and airing it out. It’s just as fresh as when I opened the package.

Still, testing the fabric, stitching, and durability is essential. Unbound Merino provides a card with care instructions, or you can check out their site. It’s pretty simple; you want to avoid harsh chemicals and the dryer. That’s standard with most Merino wool care.

So, after putting it through the laundry, I’m happy to say everything made it out good as new. There wasn’t any shrinkage, loose threads, or pilling, so that’s a win!

One-Year Later

So, I originally planned on releasing this review a year ago, but while I was testing and writing, it went out of stock. So, instead of releasing it immediately, I decided to wait a year, wearing this dress even more! It made it to birthday parties, garage sales, the zoo, and more. My favorite time I wore the dress was relaxing at the beach with a sun hat to match.

From my twelve additional months of testing, I fully support this Unbound Merino Travel Dress. The seams and fabric have held up to multiple washes and can withstand everyday life’s rigors. And when you have a messy toddler, you never know what the day will throw at you!

Results: What I Liked

After a year of wearing this dress, I can finally give you everything I like. Well, if I told you everything, we might be here for a while. Instead, let’s stick with the three things I liked the most – style, comfort, & affordability – and expand on each.

It’s My New Go-To Dress!

This is my to-go dress. It’s for days when I don’t know what to wear cause I know I will feel comfortable and look good no matter what. It covers over half of my wardrobe and accessories, so I’m always excited to mix and match! In fact, I wear it around the house and yard so much that I’m afraid my neighbors may call me “that woman in the green dress.

It Feels Like A Second Skin!

I love this fabric. There’s something about it that’s so loose and flowy but also modest. There is always plenty of ventilation, so I rarely sweat. And it barely feels like I’m wearing anything at all!

Pro Tip: For some reason, I love throwing this dress on after a cool shower on a hot day. I know it’s weird, but it feels incredible!

It’s Actually Affordable!

Okay, okay, I get it. When you first see this dress’s price tag, you may think I’m crazy when I say it’s affordable, but hear me out. Since the design is so universal, the fabric is easy to care for, and the style is timeless, the Unbound Merino Dress replaces 4-5 dresses in your wardrobe. The material is so high-quality that it should stay fresh for years.

So, is this dress affordable in the traditional sense? No. But if you’re fine-tuning your wardrobe and living a simple lifestyle, it’s 100% worth every penny. Check below for this travel dress’s latest price.

Areas To Improve

Just like life, Merino wool clothing always has its ups and downs. And, with this Unbound Merino dress, while there were far more ups and downs, it’s still important to point out the latter so you can determine whether or not this dress works for you. In my testing experience, I found two areas I hope could improve: color variety & overall availability. Let’s take a close look at each.

Color Selection

So, when I got this dress in the summer of 2022, there were only two options: olive & black. And since it was a new release then, I understood the narrow selection. However, a year later, there are only three color options: black, caramel, & indigo. Now, that’s not saying these colors aren’t great, but as a chronic shopper, the more color choices, the better!


Unfortunately, this dress is popular. So much so that many standard sizes sell out whenever there’s a restock. Luckily, Unbound Merino has an “Email When Available” option, so you don’t have to keep checking back every few weeks. Still, having a broader range of sizes and colors for general stock would be ideal.

Final Note About The Unbound Merino Travel Dress

Three Unbound Merino Dresses

Well, I hope you liked my complete Unbound Merino Travel Dress review. I tested it out for three days, threw it in the laundry, and wore it on and off for a year. This dress is a unique piece showcasing Merino wool’s versatility, especially in the travel industry. And if I were to give it a grade, it would have to be an A. Let’s hope they release more colors (my vote is for beige) next season so I can get another one!

If you like this dress, check out more of Unbound Merino’s women’s travel collection. They have been in full swing for over a year and seemed to work out the initial kinks. All in all, their offerings are by far the best Merino wool clothing for travel.

And, if you’re looking to learn more about the world of Merino wool, poke around our site a bit. We do in-depth analyses, best-in-class reviews, brand spotlights, news, information, and more! All of it is centered around our favorite material: Merino wool!

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