Ridge Merino is a high-performance apparel company crafted by and for outdoor enthusiasts. They focus on next-to-skin Merino wool products that are less expensive than the industry standard but offer similar quality. Today, we dive into all aspects of their clothing in this Ridge Merino review.

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Ridge Merino’s mission is to develop high-quality, high-value Merino wool apparel that performs as well in daily life as it does in the wildest outdoor conditions.

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Brief History

Based at the adventure hub of Mammoth Lakes, California, Ridge Merino was founded by the husband and wife team of Jeff and Susan Russell in 2014. As the head of technical design at Armada Skis, Jeff noticed many professional winter athletes favored Merino wool base layers over traditional synthetics.

The couple figured: if the pros love Merino, then so will everyone else!


Ridge Merino focuses nearly exclusively on Merino wool clothing for outdoor adventures, especially for cold weather activities.

Great for: Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, traveling, and more.

Ridge Merino Review: What We Like

All of Ridge Merino’s products are crafted by – and for – outdoor enthusiasts. Therefore, you’ll have peace of mind that you are purchasing quality clothing with enhanced protection. Their high-performance apparel is some of the best on the market and comes at a reasonable price. Their affordability is because they sell directly to the consumer at no additional mark-ups and maintain a low overhead compared with other companies.

They are a customer-centric company that puts you first and profits second.

You can expect a company like Ridge Merino to have some of the industry’s highest innovation standards. They utilize a specific corespun nylon technology called (m)Force™, which improves Merino wool’s durability without losing the benefits. According to their website, their fabrics that use (m)Force™ are 40% stronger than Merino wool. Therefore, we love how their apparel will last longer than other products on the market.

Oh, let’s not forget their staunch commitment to sustainability and ethics (especially within their TENCEL™ technology). But we’ll touch on that in a later section.

Ridge Merino Review: Areas to Improve

Even though we truly love Ridge Merino clothing, no company is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Two of the main issues we’ve seen with their clothing are the fit consistency and lack of versatility.

Update February 2022: Since writing this, Ridge Merino has updated many of their collections, offering a wider variety of clothing and a better overall fit. So, when reading the next little bit, know that Ridge Merino is making continual strides to improve their apparel based on feedback from their loyal fanbase!

Several customers have been taken back by the lack of congruity within some of the company’s products. There have been stitching quality issues reported, incorrect lengths, and even some minor durability issues. One user even bought the same shirt twice at the same size and realized that it had two different fits. Much of this has to do with Merino wool’s nature as a fabric, but you should also consult Ridge Merino’s sizing charts if you are unsure.

Next, one area for improvement with Ridge Merino (and all Merino wool clothing in general) is the lack of versatility. You may purchase an awesome t-shirt for hiking, but it may not be best for everyday use, and vice versa. Before buying any Merino wool apparel, you should understand its appropriate usage so that you don’t have it hanging idly in your closet for 95% of the year.


The people at Ridge Merino take their commitment to the environment very seriously. They are certified green by the California Green Business Network, a high standard of achievement for sustainability. They are a member of the organization 1% For the Planet, which donates some profits to pro-environmental advocacy groups.

One unique aspect that sets Ridge Merino’s sustainability efforts apart from its competitors is there use of a specific wood fiber called TENCEL™. This fiber is obtained from sustainable plantations and mixed in with Merino wool in many of their collections. The whole process is closed-loop, which means that it has minimal (if any) environmental impact due to the efficient use of resources and no waste generation. If that’s not eco-friendly, we don’t know what is.

Ethics & Sourcing

As with their commitment to sustainability, Ridge Merino also is fully committed to ethical wool farming. They stress that all of their raw material comes from non-mulesed sheep and ensure that their sheep farmers and suppliers follow proper ethical practices.

Per the Ridge Merino website, they source most of their Merino wool from Australia and the McKenzie basin in New Zealand. Also, as previously mentioned, all of their Merino is 100% Woolmark-certified.

Ridge Merino Top Sellers

How Do I Find Deals On Ridge Merino Clothing?

Ridge Merino has a dedicated clearance page on its website. Many products are offered at up to a 50% discount on the original price. Also, they regularly provide coupon codes if you sign-up for their newsletter or follow them on Instagram.

Also, you can get 15% off your first order and free shipping on anything over $49 at the links below.

Sizing Charts

Ridge Merino offers sizing charts for all its products, but some users have reported the fit does not always match the size. Be sure to read product reviews from other users to determine if the fit runs tight, accurate, or large.

Ridge Merino Men’s Tops Sizing Chart

Size Chest (in.)
S36 – 38
M39 – 41
L42 – 44
XL45 – 48
XXL49 – 51

Ridge Merino Men’s Bottoms Sizing Chart

SizeWaist (in.)Hip (in.)
S29 – 3136 – 38
M31 – 3339 – 41
L34 – 3642 – 44
XL37 – 4045 – 47
XXL41 – 4448 – 50

Ridge Merino Women’s Tops Sizing Chart

SizeChest ( in.)
XS (0 – 2)32 – 33
S (4 – 6)34 – 35
M ( 8- 10)36 – 38
L (12 – 14)39 – 40
XL (16)41 – 42

Ridge Merino Women’s Bottoms Sizing Chart

SizeWaist (in.)Hip (in.)
XS (0 – 2)24 – 2535 – 36
S (4 – 6)26 – 2737 – 38
M (8 – 10)28 – 2939 – 40
L (12 – 14)30 – 3141 – 42
XL (16)32 – 3343 – 44

Ridge Merino Kid’s Sizing Chart

SizeAgeHeight (in.)Weight (lb.)Chest (in.)Waist (in.)
XS4 – 540 – 4840 – 4824 – 2522 – 22.5
S6 – 848 – 5448 – 5922.5 – 26.523 – 24
M9 – 1054 – 5760 – 7527 – 2824.5 – 25
L11 – 1257 – 6075 – 8928.5 – 3025.5 -26
XL13 – 1460 – 6289 – 10030.5 – 3226.5 – 28


Ridge Merino offers one of the best warranties for Merino wool clothes that we have ever seen. They have a 100% lifetime warranty for any manufacturing or material defects. This doesn’t mean you can wear out their clothing and send it back, though, as this warranty does not cover normal wear. For more warranty information, please visit the Ridge Merino website or contact their customer service agents at info@ridgemerino.com.

Return Policy

As with the warranty, there is no limit or time window to return any unused or packaged clothing Ridge Merino apparel. For worn items, they do, however, list a few restrictions on their website.

  • All worn clothing must be clean and laundered before returning, or they charge you an additional $5 cleaning fee.
  • Do not continue to wear your apparel if you are considering a return.
  • Must include order number, packaging, and original hangtags.
  • “Final Sale” items are non-refundable but can be exchanged for a different size or color.
  • “Pro Deal” sales and any 30% or more discount sales are considered final sales.
  • Ridge Merino will refuse any refunds where these conditions are not met.

To begin processing your return, please visit the returns portal on the Ridge Merino website.

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