The search for the perfect pair of slippers is an elusive one. Sure, you may have found a pair you like, but a few months later, a hole in the toe or a worn-out sole gives you pain as you mosey around the house.

Slippers are meant to protect my feet and regulate their temperature. They keep your feet dry and at the same temperature as the rest of your body. It’s like the best pair of slippers are the ones that you don’t even notice.

And, the best slippers – in my not-so-expert opinion – are always made with Merino wool!

So, being Merino wool gear, we decided to round up eight of our favorite Merino wool slippers so you can prep for the chillier parts of the year. From modern house shoes to fuzzy slides, there’s bound to be a style for everyone!

Merino Wool Slippers: What Should You Consider?

As I just said, finding your perfect pair of Merino wool slippers can be challenging. And, since some house shoes can be expensive, you’ll want to know what you get when you buy.

So, I’ve broken down some key categories to consider while shopping for the comfiest, coziest, best slippers for your feet! There are four categories: usage, comfort, warmth, and style. Let’s take a quick look at each!

Various Merino Wool Slipper Styles Side-by-side

I know it’s a simple question, but you should always ask yourself: “How will I use these slippers?” Sometimes, we see a wild feature or a sleek design and get caught up in the hype.

But remember why you needed slippers in the first place, whatever that reason may be, because it’s different for everyone. Are you going to wear them both inside and outside? What about on the couch? Would a simple pair of socks work instead?

My advice is to ignore the hype and focus on what you need for your daily life. And when you do that, things fall into place.

I like my Merino wool slippers to be supportive around the foot but still leave room to breathe. They should feel soft but firm on my feet, like a reassuring hug from a loved one. They shouldn’t feel like someone strapped cement blocks to my feet. It’s my home. I am entitled to comfort!

Luckily, Merino wool is the leader in the comfort world. With superfine fibers, your feet will feel like they’re embraced by a cloud. And, since Merino wool is breathable and odor-resistant, your slippers should stay dry and stink-free after multiple wears.

Three Merino Sheep

Treading barefoot in an early 20th-century house can feel like walking on an ice skating rink. I may be bundled up top, but if my pretty footsies are skin-to-skin against the vinyl, then I will be cold.

But, no matter how warm my slippers feel at first, they must be in the game for the long haul, meaning keep my nasty feet dry, too. If my feet sweat because of the excessive heat retention, I will get cold again.

And, just like Merino sheep who have to withstand harsh conditions, Merino wool slippers offer ultimate warmth by trapping warm air and managing your microclimate’s humidity. It’s just another remarkable property of Merino wool – thanks a lot, sheep!

Various Styles of Greys Outdoor Wool Slippers

For me, slippers should slip, end of story. I don’t like the style with heels because then I have to bend over and actually put them on like shoes, and when I take them off, I have to do the same. I’d rather kick off my slippers when I’m done with them, let them sit, and know they will be slipped back on when their time comes.

But my ankles get cold, so I switch to slipper boots during the winter months.

In your case, you may like clogs. You may like boots. Heck, you even want slipper socks. Who knows? You, that’s who! By discovering your style and needs, choosing your perfect Merino wool slipper will be much easier.

Editor’s Choice: Best Merino Wool Slippers

Kyrgies Tengries Walkabouts

Kyrgies Tengries Walkabout Merino Wool Slippers

Pros: Fantastic style & versatility | Unique slipper design | Indoor-Outdoor use

Cons: Sizing discrepancies | Keep uppers away from water

Traditional Merino wool slippers are famous for their warmth, versatility, and sheer comfort. You have to imagine that people have been making slippers with natural materials like wool felt for centuries, so the process is fine-tuned. One slipper that meshes this traditional craft with a modern design is the Kyrgies Tengries Walkabouts. Handcrafted by artisans in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (hence the brand, Kyrgies), these Merino wool slippers are my favorite!

The style reminds me of cozy cabin slippers. You can easily slip them on and off with the unique closure, and the design truly hugs your foot. Since these slippers are the “walkabout” version as opposed to the original ones, there is a rubber crepe-style sole for indoor-outdoor use. So, you get the extra grip from the sole texture, and the rubber also provides water resistance.

Despite the vulcanized rubber soles, you’ll still want to avoid getting the Merino wool uppers wet and dirty. As these are hand-felted, they could fall apart if you don’t correctly care about them. However, if you follow the essential cleaning tips, these slippers will last years!

To sum up, the Kyrgies Tengries Walkabout is a fantastic, comfy, versatile Merino wool slipper. No wonder they’re my favorite! Kyrgies offers this style for both men & women in plenty of satisfying colors, so be sure to check them out today!

Runner-Up: Best Merino Wool Slippers

Nootkas Astoria Wool House Slippers

Nootkas Astoria Wool House Shoes Womens Heather Gray

Pros: Classic slipper design | High-density cushioning | All-natural materials

Cons: Not great for narrow feet | May need to break in

If you’re looking for a solid, reliable pair of wool slides, look no further than the Nootka Astoria Slippers. Slip them on when it’s cold, and kick them off before bed. Nootkas handcrafts these slippers in Nepal using 100% mulesing-free New Zealand Merino wool. They have traveled worldwide to bring you ultimate comfort at home!

While these may look like any other pair of slippers, they have additional features to improve your slipper-wearing experience. For one, the padded wool midsole offers extra cushioning and support. Next, the suede sole performs well on carpet and wood floors (indoor use only) and ages well over time. Moreover, the zero-drop heel design gives you better posture and alignment, preventing any nagging injuries from coming back. These slippers genuinely do have it all!

Still, the slide-style slipper may only work for some. You may opt for a different style if you have narrow feet or cold ankles (yes, it’s a real thing). But, if you’re sold on these Nootkas Astoria slides – which have separate designs for men & women – be sure to head over to Nootkas to learn more!

Most Comfortable Merino Wool Slippers

Baabuk Mel Slippers

Baabuk Mel Slippers Bourdeaux

Pros: Expertly designed | Extra insole padding | Unique color options

Cons: Susceptible to wear & tear | Must clean with care

Another Merino wool slipper, another cloud of Merino, the Baabuk Mel Slippers are the most comfortable pair on this list! Like the Astoria slippers, Baabuk uses 100% New Zealand Merino wool handfelted in Nepal. Although, they are designed in Switzerland specifically to weather the snowy winters of the Alps. And if these slippers will keep you warm & comfy in a snowed-in cabin, they sure as heck will be warm & cozy at home.

Still, comfort is just as much about style since when you look good, you feel good! And, since these Baabuk Mel slippers come in 9 vibrant colors – including bright pink, bottle green, & classic vanilla – you can make a fashion statement around the house.

While all these factors – including the padded wool mid soles and latex outsoles – contribute to the comfort level, the amount of cleaning does not. As these wool slippers are handcrafted, they are more susceptible to wear and tear, so you should clean them often. Although this cleaning process can be meticulous, it will become a part of your daily routine with the proper Merino wool care products.

Finally, size them right if you’re interested in these Mel slippers. The molded heel cup may irritate if it is too big or small. And, while the low-heel height is best, Baabuk offers different height slippers (Kanga – slides, Yves – Boot). So, whatever style suits you, Baabuk has a slipper for you!

Most Stylish Merino Wool Slippers

Giesswein Vent Slippers

Pros: Replaceable footbed | Extra cushioning | Cinching cord

Cons: May wear down with outdoor use | Potential manufacturing defects

While traditional Merino wool slippers have unique vibes, I tend toward modern slipper designs. Something about them has a more versatile, functional style. My everyday go-to slippers, the ones I don’t mind showing off to house guests, are the Giesswein Vent slippers.

The one style feature I love is the cinch cord around the ankle. I can tighten these shoes on super chilly days when walking the dog or loosen them up in couch-potato mode. It’s a function you don’t usually get with other wool slippers, and I’m here for it.

And forget about style; these slippers were designed with high-performing features. As the “Vent” name suggests, they are super breathable. That way – combined with the waterproof rubber sole – you can wear it for indoor-outdoor use, and your feet will stay dry. Moreover, since there’s an exchangeable footbed and 18-mm heel blast for impact reduction, they’ll take a long time to wear out. Still, if you’re really beating them up, you will decrease their wear life.

Stylish, comfortable, and functional, the Giesswein Vents are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add fashion to their at-home look. I own a pair and trust the guy who eats, sleeps, and breathes Merino wool – you should get a pair, too!

Best Merino Wool Slipper For Outdoor Use

Greys Wool Outdoor Slipper

Greys Wool Outdoor Slipper Boot Navy

Pros: Fantastic style & versatility | Easy to slip on & off | Two other heights available

Cons: Too popular (often sold out) | Sizing discrepancies

If you’re constantly in and out of the house, gardening, picking up the mail, and walking the dog, you could use a solid pair of weatherproof house shoes. My favorite is the Grey’s Wool Outdoor Boot. Not only are they comfy and versatile, but they look so good your neighbors will be jealous.

And while I call these slippers, they are more ‘shoe‘ than ‘slipper.’ The waterproof, ultra-grippy rubber sole works just as well as a sneaker outsole. However, weather protection extends to the toe box with these slippers. So you can avoid stubbed toes. That’s a unique design feature if I’ve ever seen one!

My favorite style is the boot, as the pull-tab is easy to use, and I prefer a little extra warmth around my ankles. However, Greys offers these shoes in two lower heel heights if that’s more your speed: mule & slipper.

Although these are super popular, they take time to come by. So, if you see a size, color, and style that suits you, get them before they sell out!

Best Indoor-Only Merino Wool Slippers

Smartwool Hudson Trail Slippers

Smartwool Hudson Trail Merino Wool Slippers Blue

Pros: Comfy boot design | Rolltop for double-layer warmth | Blended fabric for durability

Cons: Only one color | Limited availability

If you’re a slippers-on-the-couch type, these cozy Hudson Trail slippers are a must-have. The roll-top boot design – in combination with the wool shell & liner – creates a warm, dry environment for your feet. And since they are a flexible knit, you can curl up on the couch any way you want!

When you get up to grab the whole carton of ice cream from the freezer, the thick padded outsole will cushion you all the way to the kitchen. A subtle feature of these Merino wool slippers that I love is the non-slip grip. It’s these little additions that make Smartwool gear so desirable.

Unfortunately, the Hudson Trail slippers are popular; many sizes and color options are out of stock. Hopefully, Smartwool releases more options this holiday season because I’ve seen my wife eyeing them!

Finally, these aren’t pure wool uppers. Instead, it’s wool-synthetic in a 9:1 ratio. The extra addition of synthetic material increases the slipper’s durability, so it doesn’t unravel on every crappy doorframe. It’s another minor feature that makes the Smartwool Hudson Trail Slippers one of our favorites. Get yours today!

Best Merino Wool Slippers For Travel

Bombas Gripper Slipper

Bombas Men's Gripper Slipper

Pros: Super cozy foot feel | Relatively affordable | Comes with travel bag

Cons: Not as ‘grippy’ as expected | May wear with heavy use

If you’re always on the go, it’s hard to pack a pair of felted slippers in your carry-on. So, the Bombas Gripper Slipper is one of the best options for comfort away from home.

This half-sock, half-slipper, all-amazing footwear is ultra-versatile. The interior has a soft, brushed lining and cushioned footbed, maximizing next-to-skin comfort. And, as these socks come with their own travel bag, it’s much easier to take them on the road, whether for work, family, or fun!

As the name suggests, these are a “gripper” slipper. But the grips aren’t as grippy as I’d expect. Even Bombas notes on their site that “they’re not magic” and “practice good coordination out there.” Or, you could be like me and barely ever leave the couch. You can’t slip if you don’t move!

Anyways, you’ve got to give these Bombas Gripper Slippers a try. They are a unique product that comes in several colors and will provide home-like comfort far away from home. And at such an affordable price, your feet wouldn’t forgive you if you passed them up!

Best Merino Wool Boot Slippers

Glerups Model G Boot

Pros: Top-notch warmth | Minimalist design | Multiple colors available

Cons: May initially shed | Potential manufacturing defects

My ankles get cold, like all the time. So, during the winter, I opt for a high-top Merino wool slipper like this Glerups Model G Boot. The minimalist, traditional slipper design is excellent for any situation. Heck, these could even be your slippers for the office!

And yes, these Merino wool slipper boots are expensive (one of the downsides of Merino wool). But there’s a reason: the high-quality materials. Glerups uses 100% pure natural wool in the upper, hugging the contours of your foot. In addition, the calf-skin soles (apparently tanned with vegetable oil) will give these slippers years of durability. It’s a classic design crafted with some of the world’s best materials, and you’re paying for it. That’s how it works!

Unfortunately, if you add these boots to your closet, you may have to deal with some initial shedding. This is common with felted uppers and actually increases the strength of the fabric in the long run. Still, it can be a site for sore eyes when you see your pricey new slippers shedding on the floor! But that’ll stop after a few wears, and everything should be good to go!

Final Note About Merino Wool Slippers

Putting on my Merino wool slippers at the end of the day signifies that I’m done; the day is over. I can turn my brain off and relax, knowing that I’m in the protection of my home.

Because, in essence, that’s what slippers are: protection for my feet. Protection from stepping on errant legos. Protection from an outdated heating system. Pure, comfy protection for my hard-working feet.

And that’s why Merino wool slippers are the best; they protect my feet and make them feel amazing!

So, after covering the best Merino wool slippers and house shoes, I hope you found a pair that best suits your style. If you didn’t, feel free to contact us, as our primary goal is to help you find your best Merino wool gear!

If you want to learn more about Merino wool in its glory, poke around our site! We review everything from Merino wool slippers to Merino wool blankets and everything in between. Follow us on the socials below and subscribe to our newsletter.

We’re always looking for new members to join our flock!

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