Smartwool combines Merino wool gear with innovation and ingenuity to create quality outdoor products for the entire family. Their clothing and accessories protect their customers from the elements and make them feel good while doing so. Gear up for our extensive Smartwool review!

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Mission Statement

We stand behind everything we make. We promise to make our products with incredible attention to comfort, fit, and durability—because we want you to love our gear as much as we do.

The Smartwool Promise

Brief History

In the early 90s, ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke used to get off the Rockies’ slopes with cold, wet feet. They spent years trying to construct a high-quality sock that could combat the harsh elements of winter. Finally, in the mid-90s, they crafted a Merino wool sock that met all of their needs. Smartwool was soon born.

In 2011, Smartwool was bought by Timberland Clothing Company, which is a subsidiary of VF Corporation.


Smartwool has several Merino wool products, including t-shirts, sweaters, tights, and underwear. Still, the one thing they do the best is socks. In fact, after a brief search, we found that nearly three-quarters of their listed products are socks.

Smartwool Review: What We Like

Out of all the Merino wool sock companies, Smartwool is one of our favorites. Although they sell many more products aside from socks, they have one of the best complete sock collections on the market.

By sticking to their roots and focusing on performance, they have created some of the industry’s top sock technologies. Some of their innovative lines include:

  • PhD® Socks
  • PhD® Pro Socks
  • Indestructawool™ Technology
  • Shred Shield™ Technology
  • 4-Degree™ Elite Fit

Building on their sock expertise, we love that Smartwool has put together a “Sock Finder” tool so that you can discover the sock that’s perfect for you. Here are the criteria that you can choose.

ActivitiesBiking, Everday, Hiking, Hunting, Running, Skiing, Snowboarding, Training, Traveling
Sock HeightNot Showing, Barely Showing, Over My Ankle, to My Calf, To My Knee
Thickness (Cushion)Zero, Light, Full, Extra, Maximum
FeaturesFun Colors, Warmth, High-Tech Performance, Value, Comfort
Shoe Size3 – 5.5, 6 – 8.5, 9 – 11.5, 12 – 14.5

Outdoor athletes test all of their apparel, so you know your clothing will come finely-engineered for the rigors of the wilderness.

On top of all this incredible sock technology, they also make plenty of outdoor apparel. What sets a lot of this apparel apart from other competitors is the color and pattern availability. It’s not just the same drab gray or black, as Smartwool uses a proprietary printing process to form unique, fashionable patterns on a lot of their products.

Smartwool Review: Areas to Improve

While Smartwool’s sock line is one of our favorites, some of their other collections do not fully meet our expectations. We have noticed that some of their pants and t-shirts have had issues with pilling, pinholes, and poor stitching after only a few washes. Also, the necklines can quickly lose shape and turn into “bacon.”

Although much of these issues with the durability of Merino wool, we see across all companies. It’s imperative that you properly treat and care for your Merino wool clothing to increase its longevity. It is even more critical with Smartwool apparel, as overall, they are one of the more expensive outfitters.

Our suggestion is to follow whatever laundry care instructions are on the tag exactly. That way, if you do have an issue with your clothing, you can justify returning or replacing it with their excellent warranty.

For common tips about taking care of your Merino wool clothing, you can check our complete care guide.

Smartwool Review: Sustainability

As Smartwool crafts many of its products to explore the environment, they are incredibly committed to sustainability. They offer comprehensive transparency reports of their clothing, from the sheep all the way to your closet. They clearly state that they do everything they can to protect the earth so that all of their customers can fully appreciate nature’s beauty.

Apart from their stated commitment to the environment, Smartwool has also put their money where their mouth is by creating a line of recycled fabric products. They use recycled wool fibers, along with nylon and polyester, for insulation and other applications. Not only does this help create less waste in landfills, but its innovative reclamation process offers high-quality garments.

The less sheep being used to make clothing, the less methane is emitted into the atmosphere, thus slowing down global warming.

Smartwool Review: Ethics

All of Smartwool’s products are ZQ-certified, which is the best for ethical Merino wool. They ensure the animal’s welfare through ‘The Five Freedoms of the Flock’ and closely monitor the entire clothing production process. Below are the five aspects of the ZQ Standard that companies must follow:

  1. Animal Welfare (specifically Merino sheep)
  2. Environmental Sustainability
  3. Quality Fibers and Materials
  4. Full Traceability from Sheep to Closet
  5. Enhanced Social Responsibility

Smartwool achieves these standards through rigorous auditing, ensuring that they are following established ethical practices every step of the way through Merino clothing manufacturing

Smartwool Review: Sourcing

In 2010, Smartwool signed a deal to source all of their Merino wool from farmers at the New Zealand Merino Company (now ZQ Merino).

Smartwool Review: Products

Top Sellers – Men

Top Sellers – Women

How To Find Deals On Smartwool Apparel?

The best place to look for Smartwool discounts is by typing “sale” into the search bar on their website. You can also look for the “Web Specials” tab to provide deals for clothing sold exclusively online.

Smartwool’s products are also sold on Amazon and in REI, so keep an eye out for any Black Friday deals or REI Garage Sales. If you want to get an even lower price, look into the gear trade subreddits, where people sell and trade gently used outdoor clothing.

Sizing Charts

Smartwool offers several different types of clothing, so be sure to check the sizing chart beforehand. Most of them run true-to-size from what we know, but you may want to consult product reviews if you are unsure.

Men’s Smartwool Apparel Sizing Chart (Tops and Bottoms)

SizeChest (in.)Waist (in.)Hip (in.)Arm Length (in.)Inseam (in.)
S36 -3829 – 3136 – 3831 – 3230 – 31
M39 – 4132 – 3439 – 4132 – 3331 – 32
L42 – 4435- 3742 – 4433 – 3432 – 33
XL45 – 4838 – 4045 – 4834 – 3533 – 34
XL – 1649 – 5141 – 4449 – 5135 – 3634 – 35

Men’s Smartwool Socks Sizing Chart

SizeUS shoe sizeEU shoe sizeUK shoe sizeCalf Circumference ( in.)
S3 – 5.534 – 372 – 4.511 – 14.5
M6 – 8.538 – 415 – 7.512.5 – 16.5
L9 – 11.542 – 458 – 10.514.5 – 18
XL12 – 14.546 – 4911 – 13.516 – 23

Smartwool Glove Sizing Chart

SizeHand Size (in.)
XS6 – 6.5
S7 – 7.5
M8 – 8.5
L9 – 9.5
XL10 – 10.5

Smartwool Hat Sizing Chart

SizeHead Circumference (in.)
Adult – One Size Fits Most (1SFM)21.5 – 23.5

Women’s Smartwool Apparel Sizing Chart (Tops and Bottoms)

SizeChest (in.)Waist (in.)High Hip (in.)Hip (in.)Arm Length (in.)Inseam (in.)
XS (2)32 – 3324 – 2531 – 3235 – 3627 – 2829 – 30
(4 – 6)
34 – 3526 – 2733 – 3437 – 3828 -2930 – 31
(8 – 10)
36 – 3828 – 3035 – 3639 – 4029 -3031 – 32
39 -4031 – 3237 – 3841 – 4230 – 3132 – 33
XL (16)41 – 4233 – 3439 – 4043 – 4431 – 3233 – 34

Women’s Smartwool Socks Sizing Chart

SizeUS shoe sizeEU shoe sizeUK shoe sizeCalf Circumference (in.)
S4 – 6.534 – 372 – 4.511 – 14.5
M7 – 9.538 – 415 – 7.512.5 – 16.5
L10 – 12.542 – 458 -10.514.5 – 18
XLN/A46 – 4911 – 13.516 – 23

Women’s Smartwool Bras Sizing Chart

SizeComparable Bra SizeImpact
XS30A, 30B, 30C, 32A, 32BMedium (A,B), Low (C)
S32A, 32B, 32C, 34A, 34BMedium (A,B), Low (C)
M34A, 34B, 34C, 36A, 36BMedium (A,B), Low (C)
L36A, 36B, 36C, 38A, 38BMedium (A,B), Low (C)
XL38A, 38B, 38CMedium (A,B), Low (C)

Smartwool Gloves Sizing Chart

SizeHand Size (in.)
XS6 – 6.5
S7 – 7.5
M8 – 8.5
L9 – 9.5
XL10 – 10.5

Smartwool Hats Sizing Chart

SizeHead Circumference (in.)
Adult – One Size Fits Most (1SFM)21.5 – 23.5

Kids Smartwool Apparel Sizing Chart

SizeAgeChest (in.)Waist (in.)Height (in.)Weight (lbs)
XS4 -524 – 2522 – 22.542 – 4842 – 49
S6 – 822.5 – 26.523 – 2448 – 5449 – 59
M9 – 1027 – 2824.5 – 2554 – 5759 – 75
L11 – 1228.5 – 3025.5 – 2657 – 6075 – 89
XL13 -1430.5 – 3226.5 – 2860 – 6289 – 100

Kids Smartwool Socks Sizing Chart

SizeUS shoe sizeEU shoe sizeUK shoe size
XS6 – 8.522 – 255 – 7.5
S9 – 11.526 – 288 – 10.5
M12 – 2.529 – 3211 – 13.5
L3 – 633 -361 – 4.5

Kids Smartwool Hats Sizing Chart

SizeHead Circumference (in.)
Baby (6 – 12 months)17 – 18
Baby (12 – 24 months)18 – 19.5
Kids S/M20.5 – 21
Kids L/XL21.5 – 23


Smartwool offers a complete, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products. They gladly state on their website that you can exchange or return any Smartwool product within two years of purchase.

On top of that, they no longer require you to return the actual product. You’ll have to file a claim online on Smartwool’s website, and if it gets approved, they will issue a digital gift card to their store so you can purchase a different product.

Their claims take anywhere from 5-10 business days to be approved or denied. So, sit tight; their warranty is worth it!

Return Policy

Any unworn clothing can be returned in its original packaging for a full refund within 45 days of purchase (it has since been extended to 90 days). Smartwool includes a return label for free shipping on the return, so you don’t have to pay anything extra out of pocket.

All returns will be reimbursed by the same method of payment used to purchase the item.

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