Wool in the summer? Are you crazy?! Well, this isn’t your grandma’s wool. It’s high-performing, ultralight, odor-free Merino wool.

And it makes the perfect material for summer tees, tanks, and camisoles.

The reason is that Merino wool is a temperature regulator. It keeps your body warm when it’s cold but also keeps you cool when it’s hot. How else would the sheep survive in ever-changing weather conditions?

Today, I’ll review five tees, tanks, and camisoles you may want to add to your wardrobe. That’s fifteen in all! And the best part about them? They’re all Merino!

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Best Women’s Merino Wool Tees

Unbound Merino Women’s V-Neck Tee

100% Merino wool | 190 gsm | Relaxed fit | 7 colors | $$$$

Unbound Women's Merino Wool V-Neck T-Shirt Beige

Pros: Flattering, free-flowing fit | Excellent color selection | Best for travel

Cons: Limited availability | Color variation from online

If you’re a travel buff and are unfamiliar with Unbound Merino, you’ve really been missing out. They create some of the comfiest and most stylish travel clothing for men and women. The best part is that all their fabric is high-quality, super soft Merino wool. And, in terms of tees, their v-neck is by far our favorite.

The free-flowing fabric and soft, 17.5-micron Merino fibers provide an extraordinarily soft next-to-skin feel. At 190 gsm, the material is lightweight enough to keep you cool in the summer sun while insulating sufficiently to provide warmth as an underlayer in the winter. It’s hard to believe there is so much versatility built into only one tee!

Another thing I love about this tee – and most Unbound Merino Clothing – is the mature, fashionable color offerings. For example, this tee has unique shades like CaramelIvory, and other elegant, seasonal colors. However, there’s an issue; these colors always sell out quickly! It’s good that they are popular, but waiting on your desired tee (size & color) to return to stock can be a hassle.

Finally, while I’m a v-neck girl for life, I understand that others like more of a scoop. If that’s you, luckily, Unbound Merino has other tee designs, like their Pocket Boxy Tee, that still utilize the same high-performing fabric. They’ll even let you select a pack of three tees (at a great discount), and you can choose whichever necklines you’d like! Either way, you know you’re getting one of the best women’s Merino wool tees when you choose Unbound Merino.

Smartwool Women’s Merino Short Sleeve Tee

88% Merino, 12% Nylon | 150 gsm | Slim fit | 5 colors | $$$

Smartwool Womens Merino Short Sleeve Tee Green

Pros: Enhanced durability | Ultralight, comfy fabric | Best ‘basic’ Merino wool tee

Cons: Longterm shape concerns | Lighter colors may be translucent

In the world of Merino wool, Smartwool is among the top brands. You may know them from their selection of high-performance socks, but they also offer a diverse array of Merino wool clothing and accessories. As they’ve been around for so long, they’ve developed a formula for success by relying on their expertise. And one product that embodies this knowledge is their women’s short sleeve tee.

So, why is the standard of a Merino wool tee? Simple, it’s simple! It’s just your basic slim-fit tee. No major frills or design features (outside the fabric) stick out. So, you can wear it to the gym, for a walk, at the store, or even just around the house. And, since the material is a wool-nylon blend, it’s more durable than traditional Merino. This fiber mixture helps maintain the shirt’s longevity, as the ultralight, breathable fabric sometimes needs extra strength to survive the washing machine. Even then, you’ll want to take proper care to ensure the shirt retains shape over time.

And while I commend this tee for being the ‘perfect ordinary shirt,’ I understand that you may be looking for something more extraordinary. Fortunately, Smartwool has a solid collection of Merino wool tops, tanks, & tees for all styles, activities, and body types. Head on over to their store today to see more!

Woolx Gabi Tunic Top

85% Merino, 12% nylon, 3% spandex | 150 gsm | Loose fit | 4 colors | $$$$

Woolx Gabi Tunic Top Pink Stripes

Pros: Lightweight yet durable | Flowing, relaxed fit | Versatile style

Cons: Limited color options | Sizing discrepancies

If you’re looking for a loose, free-flowing tee for summer fun, Woolx has you covered with the Gabi Tunic Top. The ultralight, breathable fabric will keep you cool even on the hottest days. Moreover, the curved hem and tunic length offers a unique casual style.

One of the best things about the Gabi Tunic Top is its versatility. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. You can pair it with jeans or leggings for a more casual look, or you can pair it with a skirt or dress pants for a more dressed-up look. Although, I do wish there were more color options available. Maybe I’ll have to wait until next season.

Still, I love this tee’s fabric composition. You get comfort and performance from the top-notch, Woolmark-Certified Merino wool (85%). The remainder is a mixture of nylon (for added strength) and spandex (for added stretch). So, when you put it all together, you get a soft, flexible, and durable fabric!

The Woolx Gabi Tunic Top is a great all-around shirt for various summer activities. It uses soft, high-quality materials and is well-made (as are all of Woolx’s creations). So, if you are looking for a comfortable, versatile, and easy-care shirt, the Woolx Gabi Tunic Top is a great option. Grab yours today!

Wool& Stella Scoop Neck Tee

78% Merino, 22% Nylon | 160 gsm | Roomy fit | 12 colors | $$$

Wool& Stella Scoop neck tee in natural white

Pros: Fitted at the chest, roomy around the body | High-quality material | Versatile summer wear

Cons: Must launder with care | May hold odors after several wears

With another luxurious cut and free-flowing drape, the Wool& Stella Scoop Neck Tee makes our best Merino tee list! The shirt is more fitted around the chest, with a roomier, more relaxed fit around the midsection. So, if you’re like me and haven’t done a sit-up in a while, this tee will help to hide any imperfections while looking good.

And, as I’m a Merino wool lover at my core, I must mention how awesome this fabric feels. The soft-to-the-touch, 17.5-micron wool feels effortless, while the ultralight (160 gsm) fabric provides breathability. And, since Wool& uses a wool-nylon blend, the material is strong. Still, due to the synthetics, it may pick up some body odor over time. My advice: wash it (carefully) after a few wears or whenever it starts picking up funk.

All in all, the Wool& Stella Scoop Neck Tee is a fantastic choice for all ages. The unique fit, soft fabric, and elegant style make it essential for summer picnics, barbecues, and outdoor get-togethers. So, jump on over to Wool& to see more! And if you don’t like this tee, their store has dozens of other styles available.

Merino.Tech Women’s Tee

100% Merino wool | 165 gsm | Standard fit | 30+ colors/styles | $$

Pros: Top price-to-quality ratio | Almost every color | Free pair of socks

Cons: Pilling may occur | Longevity concerns

If you’ve dug further into these tees, you’ll understand Merino Wool clothing can be expensive. In fact, it’s one of the few downsides of Merino wool. However, some brands focus on creating basic, affordable Merino clothing, and Merino Tech is one of them. They offer the same great Merino wool gear as some other brands, all at a price that won’t break the bank.

And you may be thinking, “Wouldn’t a cheaper shirt mean a cheaper product?” Well, sometimes, yes. But in the case of this tee, no way! I’ve been rocking my Merino Tech shirt for years without any issues. It’s my go-to tee when all I need is a tee. There haven’t been any issues in the laundry besides some initial pilling. It’s the same high-quality material as the other brands at a fraction of the price!

Plus, Merino Tech has an extensive color selection, thirty in all! There’s nearly every fabric shade you can think of! I stuck with the basic black tee, but it’s safe to say if there’s a color you want, Merino Tech has it.

Oh yeah, and you also get a free pair of hiking socks! Now that’s a true deal on Merino Wool Gear!

Best Women’s Merino Wool Tank Tops

Woolly Cropped Tank Top

95% Merino, 5% Elastane | 150 gsm | Modern fit | 3 colors | $

Woolly Cropped Tank Top Canary Yellow

Pros: Excellent breathability | Flattering cut | Great for the gym

Cons: Limited size options | Limited color options

If you’re looking for new, comfortable, and versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe, the Woolly Cropped Tank may be your best choice. It has a flattering drape and cropped hem, which sits just high enough not to be too revealing. It hits your curves in the right places.

Not only is the style favorable, but so is the material. It’s a 95/5 blend of wool & spandex. So, you get all the beneficial natural properties from Merino, with a little extra stretch for athletic activities. The fabric flexibility makes this my favorite Merino wool tank top for yoga. There’s just so much room for movement!

And although this style is rather new, it’s become popular quickly. So, you may not see your color or size available at first. However, Woolly tends to release new color options and restocks seasonally, so keep an eye out throughout the year.

So, if you live an active lifestyle, you will love this tank top. It’s the perfect piece for your summer wardrobe. And if the cropped tank is different from your style, head over to Woolly for more tank & tee styles. There are a handful to choose from!

Ibex Women’s Essential Racerback

83% Merino, 12% Nylon, 5% Elastane| 140 gsm | Next-to-skin fit | 7 colors | $$$

Ibex Womens Essential Racerback Tank Oatmeal Melange

Pros: Best for athletic endeavors | Next-to-skin comfort | One of my favorite all-season underlayers

Cons: Tight fit, not for everyone | Initial itchiness may occur

Many Merino wool tees and tank tops we’ve discussed have been free-flowing, relaxed fits. However, Merino wool is one of the best base layer materials, so you should explore a tank with a tighter fit. That way, you can layer overtop without any extra fabric bunching. And of all the tight-fitting Merino wool tanks I’ve tried, the Ibex Essential Racerback is my favorite (Ibex Update: the latest release has a looser fit, so size down for snugness).

I like this tank for summer outdoor activities. It does a fantastic job regulating sweat, as the ultralight (140 gsm) fabric dries quickly. And, if it gets slightly chilly at night, I can throw on a shirt overtop for extra warmth. There’s no fabric bunching due to the snugger fit, either! Still, if it’s you’re first time wearing it, be mindful that some users report an initial itchy feeling. This feeling is normal for Merino wool clothing and typically disappears after the first wash.

I highly recommend the Ibex Essential Racerback tank for anyone who is always on the move. The back design provides plenty of shoulder movement, while the fabric does an excellent job at regulating your core temperature. And as this tank is available in various colors, you are bound to find one that suits your style! Head to Ibex, and add the Essential Racerback to your wardrobe soon!

Wool& Poppy Tank

78% Merino, 22% Nylon | 160 gsm | Standard fit | 5 colors | $$$

Wooland Merino Poppy Tank Blue

Pros: Reversible design | Cut hides imperfections | Style for all ages

Cons: Hem length may be too short for some | Some color discrepancies

Wool& makes our tee, tanks, and camisoles list again with their Poppy Tank. Crafted from the same material as their Stella Scoop Neck, you’re getting the highest quality Merino wool fabric. It’s soft, odor-resistant, and cool to the touch. As I’ve been around Merino wool gear for years, I can tell you it’s one of my favorite fabrics.

But there’s one more about this tank top that sets it apart: it’s reversible! The A-frame style allows you to wear it as a v-neck or crew. I like to mix the necklines with various outfits to get the most out of one single tank top. The style is more mature and suitable for all ages- as are most of Wool&’s products – but some users report that the hem needs longer. I don’t think it’s an issue, but I don’t have that long of a torso. I’m only 5’1″!

Finally, I wish this Poppy Tank had more color choices, but the four currently available are nice. Although, some wearers have found some discrepancies between the color of the product image and the final product. Again, I haven’t seen this issue, but if you’re concerned, browse through the ratings section before you buy one!

Icebreaker Women’s Merino Sphere II Tank

60% TENCEL™, 40% Merino | 125 gsm | Regular fit | 7 colors | $$$

Icebreaker Women's Merino Sphere II Tank Top Purple Gaze

Pros: Super ultralight | Technical hiking features | Soft, comfortable fabric

Cons: Large armholes | Expensive for a tank

Let’s get one thing straight: the Merino Sphere Tank is super ultralight. The fabric weight is 125 gsm, less than two sheets of paper. On the scale, the small is only 4 ounces! Icebreaker uses advanced Cool-Lite™ jersey fabric that allows your core to breathe so you don’t overheat. Pretty neat, right?

Icebreaker’s design incorporates subtle technical features, making this tank ideal for outdoor adventure. For example, the offset shoulder seams prevent ‘stick rash’ from carrying a heavy hiking backpack. Also, the drop-tail hem adds extra coverage so your pack doesn’t chafe your lower back.

Still, the armholes are rather large, and if you aren’t wearing a sports bra, this tank may be too revealing. It’s not necessarily a negative thing, just something to watch out for if you’re on the fence.

Finally, Icebreaker is always one of our favorite Merino wool brands. They create high-performance clothing with some of the best technical features in the industry. And you may not see it from this basic Merino wool tank top, but there’s a lot of expertise that goes into every stitch. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Icebreaker.

Unbound Merino Muscle Tank

100% Merino wool | 175 gsm | Classic fit | 3 colors | $$$

Unbound Merino Women's Muscle Tank Black

Pros: Classic, stylish cut | Top-notch versatility | Grade-A sustainability

Cons: Minimal color selection | Sizing discrepancies

Muscle tanks made from soft, odor-free Merino wool are an excellent addition to any capsule wardrobe—the large armholes and relaxed fit offer a range of outfit options. You can pair it alone with jeans for a stylish, casual look or wear it underneath a sweater for extra warmth. This versatility is why Merino wool muscle tanks are one of our favorite travel companions. And in the travel department, Unbound Merino and their women’s muscle tank are the strongest.

The material is lightweight (175 gsm), 100% Merino wool jersey that feels ever-so soft against the skin. There shouldn’t be any irritation or sweating, as the classic, stylish cut is extremely breathable. And not only will your body look and feel good with this Muscle Tank, but you’ll have a good conscious knowing that Unbound Merino sources all their wool sustainably and ethically. They know the best way to keep their customers happy is to keep the sheep happy, and I couldn’t agree more!

Finally, Unbound Merino’s women’s collection only became available in the summer of 2022, so they are still building their standard color offerings. If you like the style of the tank but need help settling on the available colors, you can always reach out to Unbound Merino. They have an excellent support staff. And if simple human contact is too much of a hassle, wait until next season’s new color releases!

Best Merino Wool Camisoles

Ridge Merino Bralette

83% Merino, 12% Nylon, 5% Spandex | 170 gsm | Tight fit | 9 colors | $

Women Wearing a Ridge Merino Bralette

Pros: Awesome next-to-skin layer | Surprisingly supportive | Relatively inexpensive

Cons: Seasonal color availability | No room for padding

I get it; it’s a bralette, not a camisole. But honestly, I’ve been doing this for years, and I still can’t tell the difference. And I happen to love my Ridge Merino Bralette, so much so that I’ll talk about it any time I can. The durable yet soft Merino wool fabric makes an excellent next-to-skin layer.

The fit is snug, as you would expect from a bralette. But I was surprised that the fabric is rather supportive. The elastic band at the bottom sits comfortably on the ribcage without feeling too tight, and the adjustable straps provide the perfect fit. Although, one design change I would love to see is chest pockets for reusable padding. Still, the bralette works well for low-impact activities or everyday wear (even if I have to wear nipple covers!).

Finally, the best part about this bralette is that it comes at a great price. Ridge Merino always strives to offer high-quality Merino wool gear at a reasonable price, which truly shows. All the clothing I’ve tested from them moves into my daily wardrobe rotation at some point, and this bralette is no different. I even have two: one olive and one rose!

Icebreaker Women’s Merino Siren Cami Singlet

83% Merino, 12% Nylon, 5% LYCRA® | 150 gsm | Slim fit | 3 colors | $$$

Icebreaker Women's Merino Siren Cami Singlet Off White

Pros: Stretchy, form-fitting fabric | Adjustable straps | Warmth without bulk

Cons: Slightly transparent | Sizing inconsistencies

Icebreaker returns to our list with an elegant, comfortable Merino wool top: the Siren Cami Singlet. The broad scoop neck and adjustable straps help achieve your ideal fit, while the natural properties of Merino wool regulate your body temperature like no other fabric. Putting that little layer of Merino wool around your core will keep you cozy all day.

Moreover, the fabric has excellent stretch and recovery, so it should hug your curves nicely. That’s because Icebreaker blends 5% spandex into the material. Yet, since this camisole comes in some lighter shades, just be wary that the fabric may be see-through depending on the lighting. And while some users reported sizing discrepancies, we find it true-to-size.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with this Siren Cami Singlet, or any Icebreaker gear, for that matter. And sure, it may be on the more expensive end of the Merino wool spectrum. But with top-notch design features and high-quality fabric, they are 100% worth it!

Smartwool Women’s Merino Lace Tank

77% Merino, 23% Nylon | Lightweight lace knit | Slim fit | 5 colors | $$

Smartwool Womens Merino Lace Tank Dark Gray

Pros: Fantastic temperature regulation | Flattering scoop neck | Adjustable straps

Cons: Delicate fabric | Fit discrepancies

As mentioned, you can always count on Smartwool for comfy, high-performing Merino wool gear. And their Women’s Merino Lace Tank is one of the high-performing of them all! The unique lace material offers excellent moisture and temperature management properties.

While you may think the lace fabric is delicate, that’s not the case with this camisole. Smartwool uses a proprietary blend of Merino and Nylon, strengthening the material while maintaining wool’s natural properties. Still, you’ll want to be mindful of potential snags, which could damage the ultralight fabric.

Moreover, the lace material adds to the already elegant design. The contour should support your curves nicely, while the adjustable straps and large scoop neck will help you to achieve the best fit. Although, some users have noted that the cut isn’t flattering on all body types. If you’re concerned, take a look at the sizing charts.

Overall, the Smartwool lace tank works best as an underlayer. I wouldn’t wear it as a standalone piece out in public, mainly because of its transparency (it can be revealing). Still, it works well underneath a cardigan or just hanging out in the backyard! So, if you’re interested, click the link below to get one for yourself!

Duckworth Women’s Vapor Camisole

50% Polyester, 38% Merino, 12% Modal | 150 gsm | Slim fit | 5 colors | $$

Duckworth Womens Vapor Camisole Cabin Red

Pros: Adjustable straps | Holds shape over time | 100% Made in the USA

Cons: Only basic color options | Limited Merino wool composition

Hiking on the trail or strolling through the park, the Duckworth Vapor Camisole is an excellent choice for any outdoor activity. With adjustable straps and slim contour, you can get the perfect fit, whether wearing it by itself or as an underlayer.

At an ultralight fabric weight (150 gsm), this camisole should almost feel like you’re wearing nothing! Moreover, if you’ve seen our reviews about Duckworth before, you know that their Vapor fabric is one of our favorites. This tri-blend is extremely durable and helps wick away moisture from your skin. So, when you’re wearing this camisole, you shouldn’t have any issues with sweat.

And the reason their fabric has such superior performance because it all comes from Merino Sheep here in the USA. Well, Helle Rambouillet, a close cousin of the Merino, to be exact. Duckworth gets their wool from the Helle Ranch near Dillon, MT. Compared to sheep in Australia who experience milder climates, these Montana sheep have coats battle-tested in the American Rockies. So, the wool that comes out is the best of the best for mountainous outdoor activities. It’s just another reason why I love Duckworth so much!

In short, the Duckworth Vapor Camisole is a great everyday piece. You can wear it running, hiking, and even yoga! It’s also been great for layering under other shirts, perfect for colder weather. It’s just a solid functional top that you should have in you’re wardrobe.

Woolly Cami Tank

95% Merino, 5% Elastane | 150 gsm | Modern fit | 8 colors | $$

Woolly Womens Merino Wool Cami Tank Gray

Pros: Added stretch for comfort | Solid color selection | Excellent warmth-to-weight

Cons: Manufacturing inconsistencies | May shrink over time

Woolly rounds out our Merino wool tees, tanks, and camisoles with another great piece of foundationwear: the Cami Tank. This piece is an everyday underlayer meant to keep you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm!

One of the things I like most about the tank top is the added stretch for comfort. I find it very comfortable to wear, even when moving around. The solid color selection is also nice. I like that there are a variety of colors to choose from (six in all), so you can find one that matches my style.

And with all of Woolly’s products, this Merino wool cami is focused on performance. The fabric is breathable, and the fit is snug (although I wish there were adjustable straps). Still, it could be better, as some users have reported manufacturer defects. Sometimes it’s a stitch here or an off-color there. Yet if you do have concerns, Woolly’s customer service department should take care of you (there are already systems in place for stuff like that). So, when you add it to your cart, know that one way or another, what you see is what you get!

Final Note About Merino Wool Tees, Tanks, & Camisoles

Well, ladies, there you have it, 15 of the best women’s Merino wool tees, tanks, and camisoles. From relaxed tees to underlayers, there’s bound to be a fit, style, and color that matches your style! Each has unique properties, but they all have one thing in common: soft, comfy Merino wool!
And if you liked our Merino wool gear round-up, but couldn’t find anything that caught your eye, feel free to reach out to us! We’re always willing to help you find the best Merino wool clothing for your lifestyle.
Or, if you’re more interested in getting the best deals & discounts on Merino wool, follow us on the socials below or sign-up for our newsletter. We’re always looking for new Merino lovers to join the flock!

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