There is no such thing as too many summer tops, especially if you live hot and humid climate like I do. While searching for a versatile piece to add to my wardrobe, I came across the Ridge Merino Bralette. It was just what I wanted, so – like any good shopper – I got two of them!

Since I got the bralettes, I thought, why not complete the set with a pair of boy shorts? So, that’s precisely what I did!

And now, after one year of wearing the Ridge Merino Bralette and Boy Shorts (not continually, obviously), I wanted to share some of my thoughts from when I first got them. Then, we’ll fast-forward twelve months later to see if I feel the same. I’ll review what I liked the best about each and some aspects I believe could be improved in the next release.

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Initial Thoughts

I am only 5 feet tall with a slim body type, and I prefer fitted tops to end at my belly button so I can wear them with my high-waisted bottoms. That’s why my choice immediately fell on this bralette, which I got in two colors: olive night and faded rose.

Two Ridge Merino Bralette Unpackaging

Once I received my bralette, I first noticed how lightweight it was, which I shouldn’t be surprised about because it is one of well known Merino wool’s advantages. Both tops fit me just as expected, not too tight or loose, and felt like a second skin. Much of that is due to the ultralight fabric, which is so soft and breathable.

The bralette has a wide, elastic band at the bottom that sits comfortably on the ribcage without feeling too tight. This allows a snug, supportive fit for the built-in bra. Still, since the fabric is so thin and there are no pockets for padding, I hope my nipple outline doesn’t pop through like I was Jennifer Aniston on Friends. They must have kept it extra cold in that studio, right?

Ridge Merino Boy Shorts Unpackaging

As for the boy shorts, I have never owned that underwear style before, so I was excited to test them out. They are the same material, style, and color (olive night) as the bralette, which is why I purchased them together in the first place!

The construction of the boy shorts is top-notch, with strong stitching and attention to detail. You can tell a lot of thought and expertise went into the design. They offer plenty of coverage in all the right places while maintaining a close-to-skin profile. So I shouldn’t have trouble wearing them with joggers, jeans, or free-flowing dresses. However, I’ll probably opt for a thong with leggings and hip-hugging dresses.

One Year Later

Women working on couch wearing a Ridge Merino Bralette

I ordered the bralettes and boy shorts in the summer of 2022. Almost instantly, they became staples in my wardrobe. Despite initially looking for summer tops, I found myself wearing the bralette during each season. I love wearing it under sweaters in the fall and winter. It just feels warm and cozy, especially on windy days. I prefer to layer my tops with an open-front shirt on warm and sunny days. Or if it’s super hot, it works just as well as a standalone piece.

The boy shorts offer great coverage, and I wore them with various outfits. They have a slim profile, so like I mentioned a year ago, I won’t wear them with tight-fitting clothing. Moreover, the leg openings are also well-designed, allowing freedom of movement. The material is light and breathable. Adding spandex provides a stretchy and supportive fit that moves with your body, ensuring no restrictions or discomfort.

Ridge Merino Bralette Comparison Side By Side

For an experiment, I put one of the tops aside and wore only the bralette in olive night color for a couple of months to compare how the material would hold up through wears, washes, and accidents. As you can see, the bralette I wore was slightly more stretched out, but that’s because it molded around my body shape more. And as for the shorts, the material and shape still hold strong even after countless wears and washes. It still sits snug around the leg without being too loose, riding up, or bunching. Both bralettes and the boy shorts wash well and have always held their original color.

All in all, I’m more than satisfied with my purchase. I’m constantly wearing the bralette and boy shorts as pajamas around the house. And if I have to run errands, I throw jeans, and a cardigan, overtop for a comfy, casual look.

What I Liked

So, after wearing it for a year in every possible way I could think about, I’m ready to give you my final verdict on what I liked. I enjoyed many little things like the Merino wool fabric, adjustable straps, and even the built-in shelf bra (sometimes). However, the three main categories that separate these bralettes and boy shorts from the rest of the competition are their versatility, comfort, and affordability. Let’s look further into each.


Women Stretching on Bridge Wearing A Ridge Merino Bralette

Honestly, I can wear this bralette with nearly any outfit. It’s a to-go laidback outfit with a white boyfriend-style shirt and biker shorts or jeans. I can wear it with athletic shorts for a simple summer look. And I can even wear it under a cardigan in the winter months. I can wear this Merino wool bralette all year round!

As for underwear, I typically prefer thongs for everyday use. It’s not like I’m not too fond of more coverage. I simply don’t the showing outline when wearing briefs or hipsters with slim-fitted bottoms. Giving boy shorts a chance was definitely a win for me. They provide a seamless and smooth silhouette under clothing. Which is exactly what I was looking for.

Together, the bralette and boy shorts come in a variety of colors which makes it easy to pair them with other Ridge Merino tops and bras for a complete set.

Comfort & Fit

Ridge Merino Bralette and Shorts Both Front And Back View

It really feels like I’m wearing nothing.

The bralette has a wide, elastic band at the bottom that sits comfortably on the ribcage without feeling too tight. However, it only provides low-to-medium support and is unsuitable for high-impact activities, but it works excellent for light workouts, yoga, and everyday wear.

In addition, I found the fit of the Ridge Merino boy shorts to be excellent. The waistband is wide and elasticized, offering a secure and comfortable fit without digging into the skin or sliding down. Which, with some other Merino wool underwear, I’ve had issues with.


If you’re a seasoned Merino wool lover, you know this gear can be expensive. The cost is actually one of the few downsides of Merino wool. Fortunately, Ridge Merino offers a relatively low price tag for the bralette, boy shorts, and their entire collection, for that matter.

We develop high-quality Merino wool apparel that performs as well in daily life as it does in the wildest outdoor conditions. We’re inspired by nature to innovate and give back.

– Ridge Merino Mission

These two items combined (~$70) can be purchased for less than your standard Merino wool tee, and I can guarantee you’ll get every penny out of them. The fabric and design are just as high-quality! However, if money’s tight, you can watch for Ridge Merino’s clearance page, where many of their products (including bralettes and boy shorts) can be on sale for up to 50% off. Also, by signing up for their email list, you can receive 15% off your first order.

What I Didn’t Like

Even with all the aspects I enjoy, these clothes have two minor qualms: one for the bralette and one for the boy shorts. Nothing major, but I found little issues wearing them from the year. They are more like design suggestions than negatives. Still, take a look at each and decide for yourself!

Bralette: No Room For Padding

Ridge Merino Bralette Built In Shelf Bra Front & Back

This bralette’s only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have removable bra pads. Despite two layers in a built-in shelf bra, you can still see the nipples outline, especially with lighter colors like faded rose or coyote.

I hope Ridge Merino will upgrade their design by adding removable pads, and we won’t have to wear nipple covers anymore.

Boyshorts: No Room For “Padding”

Ridge Merino Boy Shorts Up Close

When buying the boy shorts, I thought they would be perfect for “those days.” Unfortunately, I found its fabric and construction uncomfortable to stick a pad on. I know it’s small, but Merino wool doesn’t mesh well with the sticky stuff. It is what it is, but I usually won’t wear the boy shorts when it’s my time of the month.

Final Note About The Ridge Merino Bralette & Boy Shorts

Ridge Merino Bralette Fabric Up Close

Overall, the Ridge Merino Women’s Bralette is an excellent choice for those who value comfort, support, and functionality in their undergarments. This bralette will keep you comfortable and confident all day with its adjustable straps, wide elastic band, and breathable, odor-resistant fabric. Pairing it with the boy shorts makes a fantastic top and bottom underlayer.

Ridge Merino clothing delivers on all fronts, whether for everyday comfort or durable and versatile gear for physical activities. Give both the bralette and boy shorts a try.

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